Marc Jonathan Haney





"Ladies and gentlemen - the Beatles!"

Ed Sullivan ( February 9, 1964)


  Following that introduction, a band from Liverpool, telecast live from New York, started a serious stir in the soul of one nine year old boy in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, who watched it all in living  . . . black and white! Sometime before that, when asked about my ambitions for the future, I told Willie Davis, of the Green Bay Packers, that I planned to be either a Packer or a hillbilly (I’d heard it’s good to have a backup plan). That was before the night rock and roll came to northern Wisconsin!


  Six years later I was in Topeka, Kansas playing drums in a band performing at our junior high talent show. We weren’t the best band, but a fuse had been lit (figuratively speaking - the principal wouldn’t permit pyrotechnics). After lasting a little longer than the average junior high romance, the band broke up. That summer I bought a guitar and as a sophomore, wrote my first song; “Older Woman” (she was a junior).


“So I'm singing my songs off of any old stage “

Carolyn Arends -  “Seize the Day”


Over the decades that followed (who really counts decades anymore? ), I’ve opened for a few well-known artists and a few years ago I had the privilege of performing near the end of a Michelle Shocked concert in Iowa City. Most of my performances have been in coffee houses, open mic nights at clubs, camps, churches, schools and jails (some of the younger members of my  audiences might consider that redundant).


Several years ago in Kansas City, I had a brief but memorable (at least for one of us) conversation with Oleta Adams. She was saying how she preferred the intimacy of smaller venues over performing in large arenas and stadiums. Since that conversation I’ve performed in no large arenas or stadiums, but I have accepted nearly every invitation to perform in smaller, more intimate venues!   


The 2014 and Beyond LTD* Tour

(*limited theological discourse)


Nothing’s exploded yet, but the fuse is still burning (it must be a really long fuse!). “The heart of rock and roll is still beating” (although it sounds a lot ‘folkier' ). The metaphors have been carefully mixed, the participles hung by the chimney with care and I’m heading out with my songs and my guitar to perform in the “smaller, more intimate venues.” I hope to see you out there at a few of them!                   






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I didn't quit I was kicked out

. . . of the Alfred E. Newman Community College School of the Stoic and Apathetic Arts after it was discovered that I had paid my tuition with funds drawn on an interest bearing checking account.