in the summer i was Bobby Richardson

Jim Taylor in the fall

i liked the idea of being George

more than Ringo, John or Paul


i tried on Arlo Guthrie

even met him once uptown

my ceaseless babbling amused my wife

who’d never seen me so unwound


Bob Dylan’s weary tune tied my heart

to a golden ringing chord

until i read C.S. Lewis

and heard the lion roar


all these men i thought i’d like to be

each one’s life and work affected me

some caught my eye, my ear and some my mind

influenced my art, my heart and i’ve come to find

that we hold in common a most unique design


a shared image we’ve resembled

since we were first assembled

and by one shared word

we are each defined



© 2008 marc jonathan haney


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I didn't quit I was kicked out

. . . of the Alfred E. Newman Community College School of the Stoic and Apathetic Arts after it was discovered that I had paid my tuition with funds drawn on an interest bearing checking account.