Forty Years Wandering in the Desert . . .  hasn't that been done before?


From the opening track, Restless, to the last track, Rest, the songs on this CD were composed and recorded over a period of 40 years. Why? (track 9) was written in 1972. There's a little section of Garden Song, recorded in 1976 with Doug Raymond and Debbie Stone, that fades in at the end of Dust Bowl (track 3). To call this a "greatest hits" collection would require that at least a couple of the songs had at some time in the last four decades been hits. It can however, be accurately described as "a collection."


Several of the songs were originally released in 1986 on a cassette called "honest to God: songs from the journey" which received a brief, but nice review in Cornerstone Magazine, singling me out as "one lonely poet who deserves to be heard." It was also reviewed in a magazine from Holland that, not being fluent in Dutch, I've chosen to believe was also favorable. Remixes, new recordings of older songs as well as songs that had not been released until now make up the 17 tracks of The Lonesome Valley Unmanned Band.


There are a couple of story lines weaving through this collection. One is along the lines of "the Prodigal Pilgrim's Rearview Mirror Meditations" and the other "as it was in the beginning." Living With Questions (track 8) presents a turning point where both story lines converge and reach a defining moment in Why? (track 9), where life, suddenly filled with promise, begins to make sense even if all the questions aren't answered . . . yet.


  1. Restless (originally called "My Way Home")
  2. Jan One San Juan
  3. Dust Bowl
  4. Fallout*
  5. Thorns and Sweat
  6. A Match in the Wind
  7. No Praise from the Grave (isaiah 38:18-19, KJV)
  8. LWQ
  9. Why?
  10. Lost Ground
  11. Rely on Me
  12. Open Vessel
  13. The Promise of Sunrise
  14. One Morning After Dark
  15. Ready to Move On 
  16. Not a Short Story*
  17. Rest (originally called "Rest")

           * Lora McDonald-vocals

           I would like to thank the following, and if they actually existed I would, nevertheless: The Garish Banned for additional instrumental support, Darth Yoder and the Amish Stitch for lessons in humility and all my friends at the now defunct Now Defunct Records.

All songs are available as free downloads at CD Baby. Physical, no frills, CDs can be ordered for $6.50 (which includes postage) from:

         Marc Jonathan Haney
         4635 NE Meriden Road
         Topeka, Kansas 66617


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