mjh - vocal, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, percussion and choreography (the radio dial twist) with additional vocals by Shelley Todd



The Horizon

Another one of those days feelin' out of place

Like I'm in a world where I don't belong

The things I see goin' on around me

Don't make me feel much like singin' my song

But I made my choice and said I'd lift up my voice

With no regard for party lines or fashion

A listenin' ear and a will to hear

Are the only things that I'm askin'


O,'cause out on the horizon

Where the end of time meets eternity

There's an army commanded by the Word of the Lord

Comin' back to set creation free . . .


To Hear from Eternity

if you call you know I'll come running to you

And if you need anything there's nothin' that I won't try to do

No matter where you are you'll never be too far for me to hear your voice

I made my decision loud and clear

You're the one i listen close to hear

Whether you're shoutin' from the mountain

Or whisperin' in my ear


And I love you, I never met anyone better

I love you, when the Word became flesh

That was the best forever


I hear the radio songs professin' love deeper than the ocean

But then it all boils down to some shallow, romantic notion

And I never knew deep until I got a peek at the love inside of you

It runs high above heaven and way below hell

It's gonna take forever if we all get to tell

How you bought us and you taught us 

That love's the only safe place to dwell (to chorus)


I heard words all of my life

Makin' promises of happy endings

When I heard the voice of eternity speak

I finally found a happy beginning (to chorus)

words and music © Marc Jonathan Haney


mjh - lead & backing vocals, guitar, Roland  TB-303 Bassline, Casiotone MT-60, David Dick - drums, percussion, Joan Kelley - backing vocals



Every time I try to call you there's no answer, no one's home

And my letters lie unopened by your bed

You'd lose your silly fear of me, if you'd just get near to me

But you'd rather I remain your distant friend


And the time we spent last summer, you were so open and so free

Now I'm trying to understand what made you change

I know you're back in school again but have you been fooled by your old friends

When they turn their backs on you I'll still remain


And a distant friendship's what you want but I know what you need

And I'm waiting 'til you finally know it too

I have the love you need to live but it will stay with me until you give me

The sign you want me for more than your distant friend


My love lasts forever, when will your love start

You're playing summer games if I'm not in your heart

I know you're tryin' hard to hide the fact from me that you can't decide

Whether you love me more when we're together or apart (to chorus)


words and music © Marc Jonathan Haney


mjh - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars and state math proficiency demonstration, David Dick - drums, Gisli Brynjar Kristinsson - sax

words and music © Marc Jonathan Haney


In from out of Town

Well I was runnin’ through the city like I knew my way around

Hopin’ nobody’d notice I came from out of town

But the more I tried to hide it the more it seemed to show

And even though the street was crowded I was walkin’ all alone

I found myself down at the station but I couldn’t see the train

I was blinded by the sunshine standin’ in the pourin’ rain


You know I always went to Sunday school I Sunday’ed in my church

But I couldn’t stop the hunger and I couldn’t quench the thirst

Then I heard the sound of local boys they were playin’ in a band

I snuck out the bathroom window down the alley way I ran

The music they were playin’ really got beneath my skin

I had not listened long before they asked me to join in


Two thousand years ago or somewhere there about

A visitor came callin’ on the passed over and without

He gave no preferential treatment to the ones who had it made

But he sought out the poor in spirit and of his kingdom freely gave

His religion and his politics stopped the wheels from goin’ ‘round

Callin’ candidates for heaven he’d come in from out of town


The tunes you hear me playin’ may never hit the charts

But I’ve got a tougher target you know I’m shootin for the heart

I don’t need to see my name on some marquee or up in lights

I passed out of the darkness now I’m a stranger in the night

If you never hear my name again that’s not gonna get me down

Cause I’m just runnin’ through the city with good news from outta town


words and music © Marc Jonathan Haney


So you sing the same old song

Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong

And everybody just follows along

As the blind keep leading the blind


The Christmas lights are burning bright

The Christmas songs pierce the silent night

Somebody’s dreaming of a Christmas of white

And another’s just looking for green


Mommy, Daddy we can’t wait to find out

If all the stuff we want fit on your charge it account

We’re still don’t what it’s all about

But we’re sure glad that Baby Jesus was born


Joseph, Mary and Santa Claus

Chicken McNuggets in a holiday box

Wise men and elves a fairy tale collage

It’s not so blurry when you close your eyes


A world in darkness and a holy light

Mary’s little lamb turned crimson sin to white

Now there’s peace on earth we say for one night

What can we do with the rest of the year


Come they told me several ways you can pay

Three hundred sixty four more shopping days


© Marc Jonathan Haney 1988


chorus:Caught in the middle with nothin to give

Caught in the middle and I know

That this is no way to live

It’s not how I want to live


The problems of the earth’s warring nations

Seem like they’d be so much easier to end

Than the problems of distrust and impatience that I’m

Trying to solve within myself within my family and my friends   (chorus)


I try to tell and believe for myself

That this is all gonna work for the good

It’s so ironic that you’ve got to go to war to make peace

When all I wanna know is that I’ve been understood  (chorus)


Between heaven and hell there’s a story to tell

I know that Jesus was a middle man too

If this is where I’ve got to be well I know that only He 

Can bring peace within the cages of this middle ground zoo

He won’t leave me . . . (chorus)


words by mjh & Laura Haverty, music by mjh © Marc Jonathan Haney 


 People get battered and people get bruised

Dreams get shattered when they know they’ve been used

And everything that matters just slips from your view

And the heart cries out for love that’s true


They’re gettin’ married long before they’ve grown up

They still act like children yet they’ll try to raise their own up

And they won’t understand it when the whole mess gets blown up

And the heart cries out for love that’s true


Love that’s true who can find it

But if you do please don’t hide it from me


People get battered and people get bruised

Dreams get shattered when they know they've been used

And everything that matters just slips from your view

(Greater love  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  hath no man

And the heart cries out for love that’s true

                           (than he’d lay down . . . . . . . . . his life for a friend)

 Love that’s true       who can find it

(You are my friends . . .love one another)

                   But if you do                please don’t hide it from me

(No longer servants but friends   love one another)

                   Love that’s true       who can find it

(This is my  command      love one another )  

                   But if you do     please don’t hide it       I’ve got to find it

(You are my friends        love one another            love one another )

                    please don’t hide it from me

 (love one another   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . as I have loved you)


words and music © Marc Jonathan Haney 



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