Inn from out of Towne (2014)

"Two thousand years ago or somewhere there about, a visitor came callin' on the passed over and without" In from out of Town

The Horizon and To Hear from Eternity/Distant Friend/In from out of Town/xmas '87/Caught in the Middle/Momsoon/Love That's True/There is a Love/Some Children/Doctor Doctor/The Emptiness in Your Eyes/Blue Spot Tu'/A Cold North Wind/I'll Remember You/Crowns of Silver

The Gospel Came Back to Coyote County (2013)

 "A mighty wind blew into my hometown and for awhile everything was turned upside down" - I Was Right

 This is NOT the same CD as the original Humdinger Twins release listed below. This CD is the first "official" release in the mArchives series, featuring remixed as well as previously unreleased songs.


The House of God/I'm Not Real Igious/I Was Right/Town Square/Psalm 143 (LB)/Eden Thoughts/Only Jesus On My Mind/Cryings of the Heart/A Song on the Run/Sometimes I Feel/Lonesome Valley*/The Rise of Chris Van Winkle/All Roads Lead to You/A Sign on the Lawn/Which Song?

*traditional with new verses by mjh

Off the Record Release 2011 - Let Us Go to Bethlehem - First released on vinyl in 1975 - now on CD! (with three panel photo collage from back in the day)

"After this night the world won't be the same" - Let Us Go to Bethlehem

Since its release in 1975, Let Us Go to Bethlehem has been a part of many families' annual Christmas listening traditions. An early review in Harmony Magazine stated that you can "listen to it all year long without your friends thinking you're off your rocker!" It's always encouraging to hear how this album has been enjoyed over the years.

I've also had many requests over the years to re-release it on a CD. There have been a limited number of copies sent here and there, but I am very happy to announce that Let Us Go to Bethlehem is now available on CD as the Off the Record 2011 Release! In addition to the fine contributions of all the original artists involved, the 2011 version has been mastered by Larry Crane of Jackpot Recording Studio in Portland, OR and features graphic design by Logan Grieder (famed graduate of Hartford High School )which includes a three panel photo collage from "back in the day" when & where the recording took place. The best thing is that these songs, inspired by the central figure of the most important event in all of human history are now available to a new audience . . . or an old audience that no longer owns phonographs.


Christmas Song/I Don't Know What to Do/Journey to Bethlehem/A Place to Stay/Shepherd's Song/Lullaby/Let Us Go to Bethlehem/Traveler's Song/On the Run/Maranatha!


The 90° Angle (2008) - Songs with connections to San Diego, Poland, Uniontown, Colorado, the Indian Ocean, Moscow, the heart of Dixie, a front porch in Franklin County Kansas and points between and beyond

"I feel the spirit of true freedom flowing within my temple walls, emotion and self-direction must be denied as I go where the Father calls" - San Diego 1075

Just as true north is located beyond the horizon by looking into the heavens, each of these songs points to a clear and constant coordinate that lies faithfully beyond our circumstances.


San Diego 1075/If Your Heart's Not Right/Any Time I Close My Eyes/Even the Winds Obey/The 90° Angle/Waiting for Anya/The Heart of Dixie/Where Are the Holy Ones?/Giants Among Us/Lord Have Mercy (Lyrics printed on the inside of CD wallet)

earthlings (1998)

"Who knows how many precious moments we miss while we worry 'bout another place and time?Sufficient grace is dispensed in the present tense" - Can't Go Back

 ". . . a superb musician and songwriter . . . vocals are similar to John Hiatt and Randy Newman and the song styles are reminiscent of  John McCutcheon . . ." Rob Reid- School Library Journal

" . . . recommended listening for students and families alike . . . check out the cut "Fountatin of Youth," a touching song inspired by an act of vandalism . . ." P.J. Wagner - Lawrence Journal World

" All my sixth grade teacher gave me was a number two pencil with some teeth marks in it . . .He sounds like Randy Newman and has a warm sense of humor, and a heart of gold" Jennifer Layton

this song's for you/hawthorne state/dream class/the little man/a friend like you/on the occasion of my brother's 50th birthday/fountain of youth/can't go back/diphthong delight/(for teachers only)/the year we had/time to move you on

 (Lyrics printed on the inside of CD insert)


aound the world in A.D. days (2012 - digital download only) - A recording of 1980's live performances in Kansas City, Chicago and Franklin County Kansas

"They say the tough get goin' when the goin's tough and when you're down to nothin' then your faith can do its stuff" Franklin County Kansas

Poor Wayfaring Stranger (traditional)/Garden Song(s)/Spiritual Man/Distant Friend/Rely on Me/Something Happened to Daddy Last Weekend/A New Creation/Radio Active/The SINDrum//He Must Have a Girlfriend/Palm Psalm/Franklin County Kansas/Crowns of Silver-I'll Remember You/A Friend Like You/Gesta Bok Lag (with Debbie Stone)

The Gospel Came to Coyote County (2005 - digital download only) - Marc appearing as "The Humdinger Twins Quintet DeLuxe" (don't ask!)

"I talked to my biology teacher about the origin of man" - Evolution Song

The Humdinger Twins were discovered by music mogul, Marc Jonathan Haney, who, upon hearing them perform the last two minutes of their extended four minute set at the Coyote County "It's OK to be Imaginary" benefit concert for the obscure and fictitious, immediately signed them to a 3.5 song recording contract with the now defunct Now Defunct Records. Because Coyote County is a "dry" county, no reverb was used in this recording -save the "natural spring" reverb on cuts 12 & 13.


The House of God/Only Jesus on My Mind/I Was Right/I'm Not Real Igious/Eden Thoughts/The Evolution Song/Psalm 143/Cryings of the Heart/A Song on the Run/Sometimes I Feel/All Roads Lead to You/A Sign on the Lawn/John 3:16

Wed'lings- Marriage and Family: 101 (2002 - digital download only)

"You're not a chance or an accident you've been carefully designed" - When You Became You


Additional vocals provided by Shelley Todd; piano by Joan Kelley (the fact that Shelley & Kelley rhyme is merely coincidental and just one of those things I would notice . . . and mention)


The Voice of Love/Two Very Special Lives/I Will Betroth Thee Unto Me*/I'll Even Be With You Then/Psalm 128/Living With Questions/The Day That You and I Were Married/Look Closely at the Children/When You Became You/Now Go On/Trusts and Holdings/Tender Hearts/There is a Love/I'll Remember You                            

*written by Doug Raymond - used with permission

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